Dr. Judith Smith of the University of Texas McGovern Medical School discusses her findings on AHCC


AHCC stands for active hexose correlated compound. It is a naturally-derived supplement that comes from Lentinula edodes, better known as the shiitake mushroom. AHCC is a clinically-researched, nutrient-rich supplement designed to support your immune system in response to viral infections like HPV. The AHCC supplement was developed in Japan in 1992. Studies have shown that AHCC supplements have antioxidant and anticancer effects. Other research shows that AHCC improves the immune response.


AHCC has been studied for years. In both animal models and human clinical trials, supplementation with AHCC has been shown to help clear HPV infections. In one clinical trial, women who had confirmed, persistent HPV infections for more than two years were given AHCC supplements. The study showed that AHCC supplements modulated the expression of a molecule called IFN-β, or interferon-beta, which helped the immune system successfully clear the HPV.

Customer Reviews


Healed My HPV


I had been diagnosed with HPV a couple of years ago and since the virus was resistant, I had to have a biopsy 3x for the last three years to ensure that I did not have precancerous cells. I had researched that studies in Texas showed to clear the virus. I took the dosage recommended for a couple of months and was recently tested to see if I still had it. I just got the results, and the HPV is gone. I completely believe taking the supplement and a lot of prayer has read myself of the HPV virus. Completely recommend taking this product.

Really Works!!


This is a great product. I was introduced to it at big meeting at Columbia University 2 years ago and my wife and I starting taking it then. No colds or flu now in 2 years! I think it is the cure for the common cold!

Boosts Natural Immunity So Your Body Can Heal


My husband has been taking this supplement for the past 18 months to help combat Stage IV prostate cancer. I really believe it has heightened his natural immunity to be able to fight the disease. His latest PSA level was 0.05. This supplement is well worth the cost, and of course, is without harmful side effects - Thank you!

Highly Recommended


This product has prevented me from getting sick, which is very helpful. I struggle with anemia, and constantly used to get sick, and would miss work. But this supplement has helped me to the point I haven't missed work and feel better. The company is serious about the quality of services, including customer service, is EXCELLENT, I highly recommend it. Life changing.
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